Saturday, February 28, 2009

Signs of spring

Yesterday I was outside and noticed the first signs of spring. The flowers are coming! The gardens are beginning the first stages of transforming into their famous beauty.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Men at work

These are the miracle workers at Wadley Farms. The behind-the-scenes men who get things done quickly and beautifully.Thanks for everything you do guys!

Matt: He is a jack of all trades. He does pretty much anything. He also is what I would refer to as one of the imagineers. He is the self proclaimed "eye-candy" Recent projects include the rock archway entrance and the wood doors on the barn.

Christian: Christian does almost everything and anything. His specialties include rock work and texturing. His recent projects include the parking lot entrance.

Preston: Once again, a jack of all trades. His specialties are metal and fabrication. He is also one of the imagineers. He recently worked on the new iron trim inside the barn.

Trevor: He does most of our electrical work. He recently installed new garden lights.