Thursday, May 19, 2011

for those who couldn't make it to the open house

there were some people who really wanted to come and either because they were out of state or because of other obligations were not able to. so for all of you {and for the curious} i've compiled a sampling of the evening just for you! and yes, even WE had to deal with weather and move everything inside.

once again lots of luv - xoxo - to all of the fantastic vendors who came and helped with the night; it went off flawlessly because of you! 
{a complete list of the vendors are below the pics}

Front entrance to the Railroad Building

The front of the newly renovated Railroad Building

East side view of the Railroad Buliding

Inside the Railroad Building

Chinese lanterns and bistro lights adorned the night sky done by Lavender and Lace Rentals

The beautiful spread by Landmark II Catering

the greenhouse

Michael Lloyd Photography

Landmark II Catering
The Original Belgium Waffle Company Rachel Adams (801) 327-3911

Bistro lights and rental items:
Lavender and Lace Rentals

Greenhouse and decor:
Maegen Hubert (801) 358-6162

The awesome ford truck at entrance:
Mr. Fugal

Friday, May 6, 2011

Maddie & Jordan May 6th

the weather has {finally} turned. the trees are gardens are in full bloom and the sun is warm and bright. the day could not have been more perfect for this charming garden lunch

Maddie and Jordan's guests were treated to an elegant sit down full course meal complete with fine china and parasols adorning the trees. They even had a unique way for the guest book; they had quilt squares on clipboards and had the guests sign the quilt square and then later they will turn it into a quilt. so creative. 

{how may times do i say this?} 
i ♥ when the bride and groom make the wedding/ reception their own and add creative elements that are unique to them.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Open House Reminder

For all you future brides out there and the curious people who are always wondering "what are they building now...."  join us at the spring open house from 7-9 tomorrow night (May 3rd). It looks like the weather will be nice {not snowing} and we have the spring gardens in, the trees are in full bloom and the Railroad Hall is ready for her debut. We are thrilled to announce some talented vendors who will be there, Landmark II Catering is providing tasty samples, along with Rachel who will be sampling her famous dessert waffles, and Lavender and Lace Rental will have the evening sky draped with a canopy of lights along with one-of-a-kind rental items for display. We even have Michael Lloyd coming to take pictures of the event! You really don't want to miss out!

For all of those who are unable to make it, don't worry, dry your eyes, good news! We will be posting pictures of the event shortly!