Monday, September 26, 2011

this is what i'm lovin

as i've been frequenting some of my favorite wedding blogs i've found some beautiful weddings which caught my eye and made my heart flutter. hopefully you'll feel inspired too!

1. barns. they are so in right now. they are perfect for rustic fall and winter weddings. not only are they ideal for a cozy-up to the fireplace kind of event, but they are timeless as a backdrop. i know a great place that has two *wink 
100 layer cake

grey likes weddings

grey likes weddings

2. the lounge. such a fun treat for your guests to have a space dedicated to kick back and relax. these are also  ideal for any indoor event tucked up into a corner. for the perfect ambiance in your lounge add a lamp and a treat bowl.

lavender and lace rental


3. rain. i don't think anything could be more romantic. a slight chill a cool breeze. take advantage of nature's gift and capture, perhaps, the most romantic pictures of your entire wedding. yeah that one; the one of you and your new husband smiling and dancing in the rain with no shoes, or the one of him sweeping you up in his arms and carrying you to safety. sigh.
grey likes weddings

100 layer cake

100 layer cake

100 layer cake
4. cake toppers. be unique and send a message to all who see your cake. use your names, say just married, say i love you, rock n'roll. anything you choose. the possibilities are endless.

lavender and lace rental
5. tents. a fun creative engagement photo session. a couple of sticks, an old blanket, a couple in love, and viola you've got a good time, and probably some really cute pictures.


6. books & flowers. an adorable way to display centerpieces if you want to step away from using a vase. inexpensive and totally unique.

green wedding shoes

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

late summer wedding

this wedding just feels good. 

the shabby-chic, european style is complimentary to wadley farms. like strawberries and cream, milk and cookies, lucy and ethel, dolce and gabanna, you get the idea; bring out the best in each other.  

some elements that deserve a nod: 
1. i'm lovin the sweet get-away cars we've been seeing here lately. 
2. the gazebo decor around the insanely beautiful cake. 
3. all the beautiful people at this event deserve some props.

these gorgeous pictures were shared with us by a moment in time

Monday, September 12, 2011

Maddie & Jordan May 6th

when the weather holds spring weddings can rival any fall wedding {in my book}. 

Maddie and Jordan chose to host a dinner party and invite just their closest friends and family to celebrate their marriage. the chosen guests were treated to an appetizing garden meal under a canopy of blossoms and parasols. 

the brilliant photographer, Spotted Photography, took these remarkable pictures. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beau & Ashley August 17th

detail, details, details....

yes that is what it is all about and Ashley certainly has an eye for them. from the large framed heart shaped flowers, to the over sized lanterns hanging from walkways, to the super chic cake {made by Dessert Edge Bakery} all of the elements were woven together to form a perfect evening. my fav touch: the one-of-a-kind frame Ashley and her mother made hanging from the gazebo.