Thursday, November 24, 2011

thanks ♥

thanks to all of you who have made Wadley Farms what it is today. it is because of you, our customers, that we continue to try to improve and make things better. thank you for choosing us and for coming back for a second or third daughter's reception. we started with just a tractor/hay barn with a neighbor asking if they could have their reception at our place. we have been growing ever since. 
{we have been blessed}

The family home when we moved in 1988
View from the pasture. You can see the reception barn on the left.

Different stages of improvement on the barn.

Above: the Railroad Hall sat forgotten in a cow pasture. Below: The Railroad Hall today.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spotlight: Calie Rose

if your the kind of bride who wants flowers that look like they were just picked out of a field, or you've always admired artistic structured centerpieces, or your the one who wants an elegant bouquet that will have your friends swooning; look no further Calie Rose is the florist you have been searching for.
she comes here quite a bit and I've never seen anything that I would not want at my own event. she has the skill set and the artistic eye to take your wedding to the next level. 

these beautiful pictures, taken by Photography by Mckenzie, this past June here at the farm showcase Calie Rose and her ability to create understated beauty ♥

Monday, November 7, 2011

Joanne & Brandt July 20th

it was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. 
Michael Lloyd shared these breathtaking pictures with us. enjoy!