Monday, February 28, 2011

♥'ing vintage

i totally admit it, i'm a blog stalker. i spend large amounts of time checking my favorite wedding blogs and they are all busting at the seams with vintage themed weddings. its all the rage and i'm lovvving it.

on green wedding shoes this rustic wedding caught my eye with the groom's men sporting skinny ties and the bridesmaids all in boots.

from ruffled this beautiful bride is an DIYer. everything is very classy but there are two things that particularly stand out to me, check out her fabric flowers for her bouquets and the groomsmen styling is enough to make any woman swoon.

the cake is amazing; a total show stopper
{bow tie + groomsmen = dashing men}

this event makes me want to take a big deep relaxing breath. it feels good. i really like the cheese buffet display; a work of art with 
textures and subtle color.

take a theme and run with it. this looks like fun. check out the outdoor living room and the way they displayed peanuts...

i really love everything about this event. the centerpieces have color, dimension, texture, so easy and extremely beautiful. the guest favors are to die for; potted mimi cacti something that will have your guests talkin....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

♥ love was in the air ♥

wadley farms hosted its first valentines dinner last week on the lovers holiday. meg orchestrated the romantically charged night complete with a steak dinner, a live jazz band, vintage photographs, and then closed the night with dancing. it was a perfect night for sweethearts♥! Thanks again to Johnny Schumacher Catering and the Original Belgian Waffle for the delectable cuisine, to nate anderson for providing the mood-setting tunes, to emmalie our talented photographer, and meg who not only was the talent scout, but designed our vintage inspired night.

{side note: all the guests were obsessed with the dessert--- liege/ belgian dessert waffles---- thick warm cinnamon/sugar encrusted belgium waffles topped with vanilla bean ice cream and hot fudge syrup mmmmmmmhhhhhhh. for all those soon to be brides, it would be a unique and delicious wedding dessert......}

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

spring teaser

Lately the sun has been shinning a little brighter and the days are a little longer and the temps are a little warmer.......spring is getting closer. to satisfy our longing for spring i've round up some pictures taken last May which will hopefully quench our longing and remind us that spring is just around the corner. 

Props to Micheal Lloyd for sharing his serious photographic skills with us!