Monday, June 27, 2011

Melissa & Greg June 20th

i had to share this swoon-worthy DIY wedding with everyone. 

let me elaborate on why this was a reception you wanted an invitation for. no detail was spared. guests entered and immediately were treated to a mini-bar of assorted italian sodas while sipping sodas they were ushered to the gazebo where hundreds of photos of melissa and greg were hanging on mini clothespins. guests had an assortments of goodies to chose from provided by flour girls and dough boys and also a buffet table filled with sliced watermelon, breads and vinegar,and salads. 

my favorite detail: instead of using standard white straws they had candy-cane grey striped ones. 

its all about the details...

Monday, June 20, 2011

things i'm ♥'ing in the summer

as i've been checking out my favorite wedding blogs i have found so may fun and unique ideas. 
i highly recommend snagging these up for your event!

i'm still loving the vintage look with all of the wedding party looking as if they've just stepped 
off the set of an "i love lucy" episode. 
check out the fun pictures to accompany the attire!

anything and everything DIY is always in style. don't have the budget for real flowers or want to 
do something different; have a crafty friend help make fabric boutonni√®res or have an aunt knit your bouquet. 
the possibilities are endless.

step out of the box and unleash your creativity 
{we all have it somewhere - if you don't, borrow it from someone else}. 
help your printers design an invitation which will have an impact on those lucky enough to receive one.

nothing sets a mood better than lighting. the utah summer nights are ideal for an outdoor event. 
drape the night sky with bistro lights or chinese lanterns setting the perfect mood. 
why not; you've always dreamed of it. 
you only get married once.

yet another DIY. this beautiful bride's mother made this wedding dress. not only is it a one-of-a-kind and absolutely stunning, but it will be cherished for generations.

paper fans. a creative way to keep your guests cool while they wait for your ceremony to start or while they're mingling during your reception. it adds a personal touch and fantastic keepsake.