Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dinner in the Vineyard

What a delightful evening we had in the vineyard. 

there was a cool summer breeze blowing through the vineyard carrying the sweet scent of grapes, classical guitar music softly filling the background, delicious food, good company, and an exquisite golden sunset capping off a flawless night.

we began the night with grape juice tasting sampling the varieties our vineyards have produced followed by a delicious dinner created by the executive chef craig borlik.

it was a beautiful night and we are hoping to have more dinners in the vineyard featuring guest chefs and our farm fresh produce. we will let you know when these become available and you can book your seats for a memorable evening in a rare setting.

Fare: Chef Craig Borlik of State Street Feed & Supply Caterers

Classical Guitarist: Michael Lucarelli
Floral:  Jana Adamson

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tiffany & Drake's Bridal/Groomals

I'm giddy to share these lovely bridals/groomals with you today. few things are more romantic than springtime love and amber shaw photography has perfectly captured this gorgeous couples' excitement to have found each other. 
i can hear birds singing.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ring Shopping For The Groom

Today we have a special treat. Derek Mason with Wilson Diamonds is our guest blogger and he has some fantastic advice on how to find the perfect ring for your man.

Men did not always wear wedding rings, the style actually started around world war 11, when a wedding band on a man served to symbolize a beloved wife left behind.  An increased degree of prosperity after the war enabled more couples to buy this additional piece of wedding jewelry. As time went on the man's wedding ring became ubiquitous. It is extremely rare to see a married man without a ring. In fact, a husband who chooses not to wear a wedding band may be met with suspicion, and even distaste. This is because a married man with bare hands has become associated with someone who wishes to cheat on his spouse, or one is simply less committed to the relationship.  A ring-less married person might also be thought to be contemplating divorce.
The good news is that there are many styles of wedding band, many of which can fit into any size of budget. Wedding rings can be made of any sort of material, and tailored to any sort of taste.  Wedding bands can be simple, chic, flashy, or unique.  No matter your personality or style preference there is a wedding band out there for you.
The material a wedding ring is made out of is the main deciding factor on cost.  Those with lower budgets may want to look into tungsten or titanium rings, which can be as low as twenty dollars or upwards of a couple hundred. The thickness of a band also contributes to the expense.  A ring that is two millimeters wide will be significantly cheaper than one that is six millimeters, because the thinner band uses less material. So if having that golden band is important to you then consider getting a thinner ring.
There is a wide range of styles available to a man shopping for his wedding band.  The simple unmarked band is a timeless classic. You can find a simple wedding band in every imaginable material, size and overall quality. You will also never have to worry about your ring going out of style if you decide on the simple band.
 If the usual is too boring for you, some interest can be added to the ring with the discerning use of colors or textures. A ring that is a mixture of white gold, yellow gold, tungsten or other various metals can create unique designs without being too flashy.  You might also like beveled edges, or other interesting textures instead of a colored pattern.
Those looking to make a statement with their ring might enjoy inlaid diamonds or other precious stones. These stones can be small and simple, or quite large. There are precious stones available in nearly every color, so why not get your favorite? Whatever you choose, be sure it's a decision that you are happy with; after all, a wedding band is meant to last a lifetime. 
Do not be surprised if the wedding ring feels clunky or awkward to wear at first. After a couple weeks you'll hardly notice that it's there. A comfort band, one that is sloped slightly to prevent the ring from biting into the finger, will mitigate some of this phenomenon.