Tuesday, August 20, 2013

*Sneak Peek* The New Building

We are so excited about the progress of the new building. it is still years out {as you'll see} however the shape and fine details are beginning to elude to the fact that this will be unlike anything around. the passion for restoring former beauty to buildings of the past runs deep here, evident in the old farmhouse, the railroad hall, the barns, and this building is filled with reclaimed everything. 

Some fun facts:
-the new building will be 130 ft long, 60 ft - 80 ft wide and 36 ft tall inside with 8 turrets. 
-we've had some professional chefs help us design the kitchen which is 120 sq ft.
-the wood floors are reclaimed 2 and 5/8 planking 100 year old douglas fir
-we are estimating we should be able to seat up to 400 people in the main hall and up to 40 people in the meeting room in the balcony

 my lovely assistant, gwen, is helping us today so you can see things to scale. 

West entrance doors

Still in the west entrance looking up at the chandelier

View into main hall while standing inside west entryway. Notice the fireplace at the very end.

The massive fireplace. You can see the balcony on both side of the fireplace.

One of the custom made chandeliers. There will be tons of these hanging everywhere.

The huge custom made doors.

The reclaimed wood floors. The wood is over 100 years old. 

The south entrance. You can see the roof for this entrance just left of center. They are lifting and placing this 40,000 lbs roof on the entrance today!

Looking out from the balcony toward the west entrance. The reclaimed wood beams are made up of 2 beams- 60 ft long and 13 ft high with inverted 100 ft beams inside.

The balcony. The windows centered and just left of center is about where the brides dressing room will be.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Rustic Hawaiian Affair

I love that i haven't seen an event styled like this before. 

i adore:
-the rustic centerpieces with the textured flowers mixed with the burlap covered books
-they had their guests sign vinyl records instead of the traditional book
-the favors? old books tied together
-the hawaiian band with the dancer
-the beautiful delectable cake
-the brides entire ensemble is so lovely

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Take a Tour

The wonderfully talented michael lloyd spent some time over here recently taking these phenomenal pictures giving all of those who wish to have a tour, but can't make it over, a chance to still view the reception area.  michael is on my short list of favorite photographers, he is kinda a superstar. we really ♥ him. thanks michael!

The Barn

Groom's Cottage

The Railroad Hall

The Gardens